Hints for Viewing, Printing, Saving Pictures & Movies

Click on key word links (underlined), pictures, arrows, etc., to view desired items (this may  require a double-click on some computers).

If you wish to print or download a copy to your own computer, (1) right-click on an item such as a picture or movie, (2) select Print or Save from the drop-down list box.

Groups of items can often be selected by: (1) left-click the first item, (2) hold the 'shift' key down and left-click the last item in the range, (3) right-click any of the selected items, (4) select Print or Save from the drop-down list box. 

Multiple individual items can usually be selected by using the 'ctrl' key instead of the the 'shift' key.

Download Note: You can play the movies directly by the standard "left-click" of the mouse.  However, you will not get any response from the request until the movie downloads completely.  This will probably be at least 1 minute per 15MB of size, even on a high-speed internet line (and probably 10 times longer or more on dial-up lines). 

If, instead, you use a "right-click" and pick "save target as", you can save the movie on your own computer (in a folder such as "My Documents").  You can then open the folder and double-click on it to play it immediately as often as you like.  With the "save as" option, a "progress bar" is normally shown.  If you wish, you can go away and do something else while the movie is downloading.  This is the reason the "preview" versions are listed with only a part of the full movie for online viewing.

Note:  You must also have sufficient space on your own computer to view or download the large movies.