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Space Shuttle Discovery at Altus AFB 2005-08-19

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Welcome to the Class of 1965 Web site!

We had a fantastic time in June, 2005, for our 40-yr class reunion and for the Baby Boomers Birthday Bash in Edmond, OK, in Sept, 2006!  Again, we had a great time in June, 2010, for our 45-yr class reunion.  We missed all of you who were not present, and we hope everyone will be able to attend future reunions.   Please click on the following link to help us find our missing members: Missing Members List

Please visit the various links to enjoy the alumni pictures and movie files and the other sites of interestThere are a large number of pictures (and some movies) from the past reunions.  Enjoyable pictures from the past are also available.  Note: 2010 class reunion pics have not yet been posted.

If  you have questions (or any pictures, movies, or other info which you would like to have included on this web site), please contact us personally or email us at the locations shown below.

Bookmark this site and check back regularly so that you will have the most up-to-date information for past, current, and future events.

Also contact us if your address or personal information is not current or will soon change.  The information that you provide to us and to the Altus Alumni Association is the primary means of contact with you for future events.

Fri-Sat, June 25-26, 2010 -- Special 45th Reunion for 1965
( Big Success!)   For 50th -->
-- Pics not yet posted for 45th.

Fri 7:00-10:00  Mixer@Altus Chamber of Commerce (no reservation required)

Sat 6;30-8:00  Alumni Banquet @ AHS Cafeteria (make reservation with Altus Alumni --see below)

Sat 8:00-11:00 Big '65 Party @ old Blair Hardware building in Blair -- finger foods and DJ (no reservation required--donations welcome)  Nearby classes and friends are also welcome!

 This is very similar to the our big party in 2005.  Several class members missed it and wished they had attended because if was enjoyed by everyone.  We had approximately 75 then.  Lets exceed 100 this time!

NOTE:  Make lodging reservations ASAP, because the rooms fill up fast with all of the other alumni reunions on the same weekend.  See 'Lodging' info on left side of page for help.

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-- Space Shuttle Discovery at Altus AFB 2005-08-19

-- Altus Public Schools

-- City of Altus, Oklahoma

-- Altus Chamber of Commerce

-- Western Oklahoma State College

-- Quartz Mountain State Park

-- Altus Air Force Base

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-- Missing Members List

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Sat,  June 23, 2012 -- Next year reunion for Altus Alumni Assoc

Fri-Sat, June  26-27, 2015 --
Special 50th Reunion for 1965
--Put it on your calendar now!!


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If you have not been assigned one (or need your password reset), please fill out the Online Support Form or send an email request to Altus HS 1965 Support at the email address below.  Include the following information:  ( 1) Your name, including maiden name, nickname, class name, etc;  (2) Email address;  (3) Phone number;  (4) Mailing address;  (5) Any other information that you feel should be included.

An attempt is made to respond fairly quickly.

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Additional Information:

Reunions are held every year by the Altus High School Alumni Association on the 4th Sat in June. 

This includes the standard alumni banquet and usually other organized activities such as golf.

Special activities are normally held by individual classes every 5 years.   For example, the 1965 class plans special activities in years ending in 0 or 5.

Friends and guests and members of other classes are always welcome.

Everyone try to make a special effort to come to the 5-yr reunions.

Smaller groups can meet and plan activities for any of the reunions that are held each year.  


Contacts for Altus HS Alumni Class of 1965:

-- Online Support Form:  click here

-- Email:   support @ AltusHS1965 . com 

-- Steve Doughty, Dallas, TX        

-- Carol Creed Willis, Edmond, OK


Contact for normal alumni business and events (and changes of AHS Alumni address):

-- Altus Alumni Association, P.O. Box 20, Altus, OK 73522



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